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Darkkhorsedesigns will be closing on August 16th!!

If you’re looking for a killer pair of back to school, birthday (or even Christmas!) shoes ALL ORDERS MUST BE IN BY AUGUST 15TH!! That means you only have a little over 1 week!!

Use code: STORECLOSING for 30%off your order!

Thank you all so much for your support!


Doctor Who and Loki shoes!!

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rainbowmilkmotherfuckers said: Hi, i was just wondering if you were still doing the Loki shoes and how much they would be.

Hello! I paint any and everything on shoes, still (including Loki!). If you follow this link to my Etsy shop you’ll find all the details :) 


(and just in case the link doesn’t work, here’s the URL: ) 

Tangled Shoes now FOR SALE in my Etsy shop! Grab ‘em while you can for that Disney fanatic friend. Size 8 Womens US 

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Hunger Games, Doctor Who, The Fault On Our Stars, Divergent Shoes!! 

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Welcome to Night Vale! Custom Shoes mailed out today! 

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Loki, Avengers, Doctor Who, Merlin, Night Vale shoes! One of my favorite pairs ever sent out! 

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